For Kids: Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Have you heard of TV Zombies and Soda Monsters? If not, then listen up. These creepy creatures live in every town. They can sneak up at any moment. First the TV Zombie slows you down. Then the Soda Monster stuffs you with sugar. Together, they can make you gain too much weight. How do you stop them? Keep reading to find out!

Cartoon image of a TV zombie.
Turn Off the TV! To stop the TV Zombie, get up and play!

Keep zombies away with play

If you watch TV all day, the TV Zombie will turn your muscles into jelly. So what do you do? It's simple. Get moving! Do things you think are fun. The TV Zombie is lazy. If you play every day, there's no way it can catch you. Try lots of different things until you find what YOU like. Then cut loose! Shoot hoops with a friend. Or, dance to music. It doesn't really matter as long as you're having fun!

Go for it!

When it comes to play, don't hold back. Play until you breathe harder and sweat. Do this every day. Playing hard helps you keep up during PE or gym. You'll feel stronger, too! And don't forget: Anyone can play hard. Healthy, strong bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

Cartoon image of a soda monster.
Stop the Pop! To stop the soda monster, drink water or milk when you're thirsty.

Soak the Soda Monster

TV commercials never show the Soda Monster. Instead, they make it seem like drinking soda or sports drinks will make you move faster. But this isn't the truth. Those drinks are full of sugar. And drinking sugary stuff all the time can make you gain too much weight. It can even rot your teeth. Yuck! The best drinks for you are water and milk. Drink them every day. If you do, the soda monster won't know what hit it!

Great choices keep you going

When you play hard, you need the right fuel. Fruits and veggies have vitamins that keep your body healthy. Foods like fish, beans, and chicken help build strong muscles. And things like rice, wheat bread, and tortillas give you energy to play. Eat healthy foods anytime. But beware of junk foods. They can slow you down.

Soda Monster math

Did you know one soda has about 10 spoonfuls of sugar in it?! Too much sugar is bad for you. How much sugar do YOU drink? Multiply the number of sodas you drink in a week by 10. That's how many spoonfuls of sugar you stuff in!!!

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